The Fishing


for a fishing experience like none other, look no further...

Tasiujak Lake is known to produce some of the best fishing in Labrador. Tasiujak Lake Lodge offers adventure fishing for both fly-fisher and spin-cast fisher. We recommend that all river fishing be restricted to fly-fishing only. With only six guests per week, rotation of pools isn't necessary; there is lots of water to fish at Tasiujak!



Arctic Char

Arctic Char usually begin the journey into the river early in July and continue up stream in great numbers during August and early September. After making the 15-mile upstream journey from the ocean, the Char rest here at Tasiujak Lake. The average day's catch is 6 to 8 fish per day, averaging 27 inches long and weighing 8 pounds. Char over 20 pounds are possible, and the largest caught weighed in at 28 pounds- almost beating the world record!





This is also the home of world-class Brook Trout and Lake Trout fishing: the crystal-clear rivers flowing into and out of Tasiujak Lake are teeming with Brook Trout 12 to 20 inches long and weighing up to 4 pounds, and Lake Trout weighing 10 to 12 pounds. These fish can grow even larger -- up to 40 pounds -- in the rich deep waters of Tasiujak Lake.

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