The Camp


Tasiujak Lake Lodge is a haven for those who love the outdoors and untrodden ways.


The lodge has been maintained with the least possible interference with its natural surroundings. This is a very isolated, exciting, and virgin North Country unaffected by modern development. 284 miles north of Goose Bay Airport and accessible only by aircraft, this land has remained unchanged for thousands of years.

... I’ve rarely felt more excitement on a fishing trip. This wasn’t a prescribed, established camp where you’ve read the brochure, seen the movie, and know almost exactly what to expect. This was a genuine adventure.
— Matt Harris, Trout and Salmon Magazine


The lodge is basic but has everything you need to enjoy a restful and authentic experience: indoor plumbing, shower, hot and cold water, good beds, guides, cook, generated electric power, boats with motors, and excellent fishing. 



Tasiujak Lake Lodge operates from Mid July to September 15th each year.

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime?